Check Engine Light Causes

What Is the Check Engine Light?

You may have seen your dashboard light up with a warning telling you to check your engine. This doesn’t really tell you much because there are so many different diagnoses possible for the check engine light, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. Usually, you will want to take your car to get this checked using the right diagnostic equipment available at C & C Auto Service in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Because the engine is a highly complex system of components and mechanics, any failure in one area can cause the whole system to stop working or the other components to become damaged. If the check engine light is flashing it is a more immediate danger whereas a solid check engine light is a less imminent danger. Using this knowledge you can guess what may be wrong and see if you can fix the issue that caused the light.

Loose Gas Cap

If you just left a gas station and your check engine light turns on but is not blinking, you most likely have a loose gas cap. This can cause pressure issues and also cause your fuel to evaporate. Make sure the cap is not only on but also tightened. Because the light detects an issue, not the cause, it will take a bit for the light to turn off after fixing the gas cap once the pressure levels even out.

Oxygen Sensor

One of the more common causes of the light turning on is the oxygen sensor. If your miles per gallon are decreasing, it is likely caused by the oxygen sensor because oxygen is a necessary element of the combustion engine. This as well as a vacuum leak will potentially pollute other components if the exhaust and emissions are not properly detected and dealt with.


One of the more important parts is your alternator which powers your car’s electrical components. Without it, your battery won’t be charged and you can’t start your engine, use power steering or brakes, or the AC or radio. This is one of the more immediate problems and you may need to have someone jump your vehicle so you can drive to a mechanic. 

If you do need to visit a mechanic in Raleigh, North Carolina, come to C & C Auto Service. We have the tools to read the diagnostic code from your check engine light and can know exactly what the issue is. From there we can determine what the cause is and fix it. Call us at 919-249-6098 to schedule a service.

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