Preventative Maintenance For North Carolina Drivers

Annual Car Inspections and Emissions Testing at C & C Auto Repair Prolonging the Life of Your Vehicle Preventative maintenance: a regular visit to C & C Auto Service in Raleigh, North Carolina, to prevent your vehicle from failing at the wrong time when you’re out on the road. Without preventative maintenance, the odds increase […]

What Do Brake Pistons Do?

How a Brake Piston Works Brake pistons are responsible for the brake pads touching the disc brakes, which press against the rotors to help your vehicle stop. When you hit the brakes, brake fluid travels from the master cylinder into the brake caliper. The brake piston relies on Pascal’s Law. Pressure equals force divided by […]

Check Engine Light Causes

What Is the Check Engine Light? You may have seen your dashboard light up with a warning telling you to check your engine. This doesn’t really tell you much because there are so many different diagnoses possible for the check engine light, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. Usually, you will […]

North Carolina State Vehicle Inspection

When You Need an Inspection North Carolina vehicle owners must pass a car inspection every year to be able to legally drive. After passing the safety inspection at a certified mechanic such as C & C Auto Service in Raleigh, you will receive a receipt. The place that performs your inspection will have it entered […]